you know whats a common joke thats pretty obviously rooted in ableism? fucking shit that replaces vowels with o like “hollo my nome os _____”/something akin to that

its basically another version of “LOL HERP DERP IM A R*TARD” and it needs to stop


WIP of something bigger i guess


WIP of something bigger i guess

i doubt i will ever watch anything that i will enjoy more than i enjoyed face/off

im dangerously on the verge of actually starting a comic but first let me rip apart the story and jam in as many face/off references as i possibly can into a story that is entirely unrelated in every singly way

mmmmm there was that article on autistic inertia but how do you get around it

wow the more i learn about simon monroe the more and more he’s like me lmao its agent cooper all over again


i love how in the script Simon was meant to have like a leather jacket and be a total bad boy, but somehow he ended up like this 



can you shut up the howls of anguish from the guy youre torturing i am TRYING to complain at you

blllleh im just spewing pointless information at this point im rlly tired

no but this puppy is really serious and having deep, professional thoughts. because i am a deep and professional artist.

a pensive puppy on a big red chair is my portfolio folder. i feel that gives a good idea of what to expect from me.

nah but legit tho if you’re getting like. a lined notebook or whatever get one with a really silly/lighthearted cover. it makes it so much better.

i have an inspiration notebook with a really generic puppy on the cover and a whole bunch of blue/pink/green highlighters and motivational stickers and i am so glad i bought all this shit because it is all coming together in the best of ways

i keep meaning to do more tpoh fanart but just sort of end up sitting there thinking about how i want to do more tpoh fanart and never get around to actually doing it