im doing a self-portrait for this really pointless playlist and so i had to take a bunch of selfies but my camera was one of those chargeable ones so i had to charge it and run around the house waiting for it to charge excuse me while i go look at a bunch of pictures of myself

  • Me: *Points at a character* Well, they're autistic
  • Other people: No please...you're fetisishing, romanticising a very serious condition...everyone is allistic, please don't make us think about you
  • Me: *Points at character* Love that autistic character

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    makin my back to school playlist


    Ways to write a love triangle: 

    1. Don’t

    2. Have it end with polyamory


    also: since megatron turns into a laser gun in the original series (??????okay???) thats probably why he keeps starscream around. someone has to hold him when he transforms he’s not a flying gun


    i keep seeing transformers blogs saying they’re NSFW and i always ask myself how the hell do you make porn of transformers and the answer is only a click away but im not ready for such a burden


    this will always be my favorite thing ever, among many other favorite things ever



    i feel like i should make a playlist of my favorite songs for my friends at school because we haven’t talked the entire summer and i have. changed

    the punchline here is that the playlist will consist entirely of:

    Tight Pants/Body Rolls

    The Original Transformers Theme

    Help Me Doctor Dick

    and thats really all i can think of r/n


    i feel like i should make a playlist of my favorite songs for my friends at school because we haven’t talked the entire summer and i have. changed


    welllll goshdang tumblr resized a picture and it actually looks nicer that way i never thought i’d see the day




    Mastbos, Breda, Netherlands.
    Photography by Sonja Krzeminski



    the whole thing with “people with autism are eternally children” is awful in itself

    but the fact that it runs into “autistic people cannot consent” is even worse

    it means our ability to make decisions for ourselves can be stolen, especially medically and legally, and we then lack control over those aspects our lives

    any consideration of us as sexual beings is automatically viewed as wrong, even if we are fully aware and consenting, because we are viewed as children

    that’s not to say there isn’t an issue with relatives and caretakers taking advantage of autistic people, of course

    but that we are viewed and treated as children who cannot make important decisions is awful

    edit: don’t reblog if you’re allistic jfc

    Do you have any advice for a tgirl who has a stubborn mustache/5o'clock shadow? I've tried plucking and shaving but my hair grows back fast and thick. I'm praying they'll slow down/stop as soon as I start hormones this year




    Silicone based primer to smooth texture, orange lipstick blended over it to cancel out grey and blue hues, concealer ontop, blended with a wet sponge. Powder, and then mist the skin with something to takeaway the powdery look.





    knock out: you can address me as eagle one. breakdown, codename: been there done that. starscream is currently doing that *high five noise*. soundwave is it happened once in a dream. airachnid, if i had to pick a femme. dreadwing is……eagle two